APTW Residential Educational Institutions Society

Govt.of AP

Out of (272) TW Residential Institutions, the Govt. of India have sanctioned (8) Ekalavya Model Residential Schools under Centrally Sponsored Scheme and (41) Educational Complexes (Mini Gurukulams) under Article 275 (1) and functioning successfully.  The details are as follows:

1.  Ekalavya Model Residential Schools:

Among the (272) institutions managed by Gurukulam, there are (8) Model Residential schools/ colleges (7 schools + 1 Jr. College) which were sanctioned by the Government of India, Ministry of Welfare, New Delhi.  The schools were named as “Ekalavya Model Residential Schools” as per the Govt. of India Lr.No:14020/7/2000-TDD/SG&C, dt:7.10.2002 subsequently.

The GoI has provided funds for running these institutions under CSS.

  1. APTWR School, Balanagar (B), Mahaboobnagar District, 
  2. APTWRS (G), Yellareddypet, Karimnagar District.
  3. APTWR School, Gandhari (B), Nizamabad District.
  4. APTWR School (G), Y.Ramavaram, East Godavari District
  5. APTWR School & URJC(G), Kuravi, Warangal District
  6. APTWR Jr.College (B), Narnoor, Adilabad District
  7. APTWR School (G), Nellore, Nellore District.
  8. APTWR School (B), Marimadla, Karimnagar Dist.

2.  Educational Complexes (Mini Gurukulams):

The Government of India sanctioned (41) Educational Complexes in 1999-2000 for the benefit of ST Girls in Low Female Literacy pockets in Andhra Pradesh.  They were started with 1st standard and one higher class was being added year after year.   The Mini Gurukulams attained 5th Class by 2003-04.   Each class is having (30) tribal girl students and the total comes to (150).  The scheme is being continued as there is a good response from the Tribal Girls to study in the Educational Complexes.
Every year proposals along with inspection reports of these (41) Educational Complexes are being submitted to the GoI for continuing the scheme.